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Know More About the Network Controller on Dell Alienware Aurora ALX

Know More About the Network Controller on Dell Alienware Aurora ALXDell Alienware Aurora ALX belongs to the genre of high performance gaming desktop computers which is also very useful in graphic designing. It embraces design and technology that is suitable for gaming requirements. Apart from other things this computer carries high capability network controller that imparts important role in gaming as well as local area network (LAN) administration.

Administering a computer network is not an easy task to perform. Synchronization of technology and components are desired for its successful operation. One of such component is known as network interface card (NIC) which is popularly called as network controller.

Know more about a network controller

It is a hardware device that plays a vital role in the maintenance of a computer network. It prepares the network interface for a computer and enables it to interact with other computers within the network. It is equipped with a ROM chip that is identified by media access control (MAC) address. Due to this address it remains unique in the LAN. For better compatibility to the network, it is equipped with dual layers like physical and data link. Both the layers are equally important for network administration as network devices are accessed by the physical layer whereas MAC systems are accessed through data link layer.

Issues that might occur due to a faulty controller

Issues on your Dell Alienware Aurora ALX can arise due to anomalies with the controller. The error message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" might crop up repeatedly in case the device is not working properly. Wrong configuration of the device is responsible for this error message. Internet and firewall are also sometimes responsible for this error message. Your device could start having problems if the file sharing network is wrongly configured or the IP address is not appropriate. Due to the wrong IP address the controller will not be able to connect the computer to the assigned network.

Things you can do to troubleshoot network controller on your Dell Alienware Aurora ALX

There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while troubleshooting technical issues. Issues can be resolved by running the automatic troubleshooting option. If things do not improve after doing this then you should try to set up the network by following the below mentioned steps.

Firstly, you need to establish a home or office network through below mentioned steps:

'My computer' -> 'My network places' -> 'Add a network place'
Now follow the instructions appearing on your display.

Secondly, you need to build the network follow the steps given below:

'My computer' -> 'My network places' ->' View network connections'
Now you need to right click on the network you had setup earlier in the first set of actions and follow the steps given below.

Properties -> Internet Protocol -> Properties

Now you have to re-enter the IP after clicking on the "Use the following IP"

If you do not find the controller there then you would need to reset it.

These steps will help resolve the issues but if you still find the problem persisting, then the best way is to get tech support through an experienced computer support service provider.

Polly is known for her immense dedication towards spreading technical and technological awareness amongst masses. She is a qualified tech support engineer handling a whole team towards providing online technical support. Her keen interest in technology and gadgets has lead her to write about it and spread the word to people. She wishes that each one be aware of the prevalent technology and resolving common computer support issues.

Monday, July 16, 2012

How to Troubleshoot Printer Issues on Windows XP Computer

How to Troubleshoot Printer Issues on Windows XP Computer Have you been facing general printer issues at home or work? Printer problems can occur due to physical error or malfunction such as paper jams or ink. Such problems can also occur with the software that is used to run the printer from the client machine.

Windows XP has a preloaded Printing Troubleshooter Wizard that enables users to smoothly install a wireless printer and resolve driver issues. Want to diagnose and solve your printer issues? Try running Microsoft Fix-It or use the installed troubleshooter in Windows Vista, XP, and 7. General printer troubleshooting offered by Microsoft certified technicians through technical support online is useful when you have to download and install the latest printer driver.

Using a printer right out of the box is a good option for single purpose inkjet and laser printers. Users face problems when the printer is not automatically installed when connected to the computer. Printers come with installation disks that have all the necessary software required for the printer to run. For wireless or Wi-Fi enabled printers and multifunctional devices, the installation disk will launch setup that manages your computers connections for the printer.

The help and support page in the setup or on the website also offers step-by-step suggestions for resolving printing errors for your PC's configuration. Information on other related issues like your computer's OS platform type, administrator controls, and user permissions can be found either in the Windows Help and Support section (shortcut F1) or by consulting the printer manual.

Online technical support helps you troubleshoot advanced issues for which there is no information in the general tips provided by the manufacturer. HP printer support and troubleshooting is useful while trying to use Photo Printing Wizard on a network printer or connecting multiple printers on a wireless network. This configuration task may pose problems for the home user who is not familiar with administrator settings.
A faulty printer installation may block some functions or make the printer inaccessible. Troubleshooting and reinstalling the device is the job of a remote online technician. If you are looking for the right printer support, you might be able to contact one by email, chat, or on a helpline number.

Here are some of the Printer issues that you can get online support for:

Spooler error

Print stuck in queue

Replacing cartridge

Drivers and updates

Setting up wireless network

Networking a printer

Managing CPU usage and notifications

Using Photo Printing Wizard on Windows XP

So before you get your brand new HP or Dell Printer, think about the kind of technical support that is offered. You can even get online support for all brands including Epson, Cannon, Samsung, Kodak, or Lexmark printer.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Raytek MT6 Mini Temp Infrared Thermometer: Your Car's Companion

Raytek MT6 Mini Temp Infrared Thermometer: Your Car's CompanionThe Raytek MT6 mini temp infrared thermometer has become a popular tool for automotive diagnosis and troubleshooting, since it can diagnose engine related problems more easily and faster. It is said to be the perfect introduction in automotive diagnostics for measuring infrared temperature. And this tool also boasts accuracy and quality.

Raytek infrared thermometers are ideal for technicians that are new in dealing with infrared because of its handheld non-contact features. The Raytek MT6 mini temp infrared thermometer has the following features that made it popular in the market: a) a single dot laser sighting system, b) large temperature display, and c) a protective boot for durability. The large temperature display provides maximum and current readings while scanning, and the size of this thermometer is also made convenient since it is designed to be a handheld tool and is made small enough to fit in pockets. The Raytek mini temp thermometer (MT6 model) boasts the ff specifications: a) temperature range (-30 to 500ËšC or -20Ëš to 392 ËšF); b) distance to spot size (D:S) (10:1); c) response time (500 mSec); d) emissivity (preset at 0.95); d) accuracy (±1.5%, or ±1.5ËšC/±3ËšF, whichever is greater); e) typical distance to target spot (up to 2m or 6ft); f) with laser sighting; g) with protective boot; and h) holster included.

Since it is created to solve usual temperature measurement problems, Raytek infrared thermometers' powerful feature is its single dot laser sighting that also assist the user as it points on its aim. Also, the Raytek mini temp thermometer is used to solve automotive problems like identifying engine misfires and help asses if A/C performance is good. It also verifies how the catalytic converter functions and is also accurate in spotting faults in the cooling system of engines. This thermometer is also portable and its laser point sighting help directs measurements to its target, with a backlit monitor that simultaneously show both maximum and current readings. With its durability due to its protective boot, this is surely a must have tool for automotive troubleshooting.

Raytek mini temp thermometers are also long-lasting and user-friendly. To use it during automotive diagnosis and troubleshooting, simply aim the thermometer towards the direction where readings are needed and hold down its trigger. In a matter of seconds, a reading will appear that will display both current and maximum temperature readings.

The MT6 model has a scanning function that displays the highest temperature of a specified area. And it is never too hard to use with its rubberized grip handle and can be taken anywhere in its storage pouch that comes with the tool upon purchase. This tool can also help save money since it can also perform other functions. It can be an alternative kitchen tool for getting accurate temperature readings of baking trays and skillets and it can also detect areas in your house where air is escaping. By using the thermometer in such areas where air could penetrate like doors, windows, and even in the attic, it can surely help lower your energy bill. Because of these innovative features, the Raytek MT6 mini temp infrared thermometer is indeed a go-to-tool when accurate temperature reading is needed.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Computer Troubleshooters Franchise Review

Computer Troubleshooters Franchise ReviewWith the growth of computers and technology, many business opportunities are knocking our doors. Computer troubleshooting industry has few limitations like other industries. If you are interested in a computer repair and troubleshooting industry business, then this Computer Troubleshooters franchise review will be helpful for you to receive detailed information about this option.

Introduction: The company is an on-site computer services franchise. Wilson and Suzanne McOrist founded this company in 1997 in Australia. In 1999, Chip Reaves, who is an American entrepreneur operating a similar business in Atlanta, started the franchise in the United States.

Computer Troubleshooters franchise provides several computer services including hardware repair, software consulting, networking, diagnostics, security consulting and Web site development for small businesses.

Every franchisee provides a complete range of local services like
Software support
Onsite Hardware Support
Network Installation
Software Installation
Software Troubleshooting
Network maintenance and administration
Data Backup
Spyware Removal and Virus Protection
Strategic planning and Staff Training
Regular System Maintenance
Business Operations Support
System upgrades and New Installations
Internet and Website Design Services
Consulting and Security Analysis
Custom Software Development
Managed Service Plans
Technology Consulting

Numerous small businesses are dependent on Computer Troubleshooter for technology services. By providing low-cost and low-overhead model, Computer Troubleshooters constantly leads the industry in service innovation. As a franchise owner, you will help home users and local small businesses to implement new technologies and solve their computer problems.

To become a Computer Troubleshooters franchise, you need to be motivated in helping others. Your determination and skills will help you become a renowned IT resource in your local community. If you have IT experience, then it will be an added advantage. If you do not have any experience, then it does not matter as experienced teams of Computer Troubleshooters reps will help you in this regard.

Investments needed for starting

Total investment:$28,800 to $81,500

Franchise fee: $21,500

Term of agreement:10 years, renewable

Ongoing royalty fee:$330/mo.

As a franchise owner, you will get training, and ongoing support.

Training -

· 2 Days at headquarters: 2 days

· 2 days at franchisee's location

· In Lansing, MI

· In New York City

Computer Troubleshooters provide ongoing support through:
Toll-free phone line
Field operations

You will get marketing support for
Ad slicks
Co-op advertising
Regional advertising
National media

There is a huge potential market for on-site computer services. Almost all home offices and small businesses use computers. Many businessmen do not have time and skills to repair their own computer or upgrade it. Most of times, they do not have the know-how about implementing emerging new technologies including Telecommuting solutions, Secure Wireless networking or Voice-over-IP. Thus, if you are having interest in this industry, then you can think about this most needed and fastest growing industry all across the world.

Did you know that more than 80% of ALL franchises fail and those who start their franchise end up in debt working for years to pay it off. Learn how you can avoid the high risk and start up costs of a traditional franchise business.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Does Being a Network Engineer Mean?

What Does Being a Network Engineer Mean?Today the whole world has been covered under different computer networks; it is simply system of networks, collected computers & devices consisting communications channels that assist communications among users and also allow users to allocate the resources. A network makes others to share the resources & information among devices connected into the same circle or channel. To administrate the long wired & channeled this network, we need an engineer. That is what Engineers do.

The job of Engineers is to maintain of computer hardware and software that consists a computer network (Wire or Wireless). They are generally involved in deploying, configuring, maintaining and monitoring active equipment. The role is somewhat like the specialist or analyst, who works on design and security. Network manager will give attention to on the in general reliability of the network, server deployment, safety, and ensuring that the connectivity throughout a company's LAN/WAN communications is on same level with technological considerations at the level of an organization's ladder. Network specialists and analysts do contemplate on the networking design and security, chiefly troubleshooting and debugging related issues. They work intended authorize network infrastructure & system backups.

The major tasks assigned to a network engineer are to network engineering designs, implements, and troubleshoots computer. The network engineer often performs system administration tasks, as pondered on the high-level network associated duties such as network architecture, network design, choosing of network devices, and network policies, etc. As such, they're never involved with direct user support, especially placing the tier three supports platform.

Network administrators are accountable for the construction of the computer hardware and network infrastructure for an IT organization. Proper maintenance & regular supervision also come under the duty of Network engineer. They are intensely involved in the procurement of new hardware & making sure whether licenses are correctly issued or not. They too take care about the payment and up to date for software as required, they keep on checking the standards for server installations and applications, and also monitor the performance of the network, inspection for security drills, poor data managing practices, etc. Network administrator is always connectivity in the network; he is first person whom you have to contact for regular support & troubleshooting.

Network administrators are also keeping the connectivity works for all users in their organization, and taking care about data safety protection for connections to the internet is correctly maintained. Data Management Jobs are too concerned under the network engineer, as safety of the company's server is the first priority. Any sort of data leakage, May led the engineer out of company or levied with external charges. The channel through which companies carry out the regular schedules & tasks. The network engineer is hereby answerable to keep the whole system on the track.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Behind the German Cars' Success

Behind the German Cars' Success Who has never dreamed of owning a German car? If you think of it, everybody has been dreaming about it! It has always been a part of everyone's dream of being able to ride in a speeding Porsche, or a cruising Mercedes, or rest in the comforts of a rugged Audi. Whatever German car you covet, each car is definitely a winner.

Although most people dream of bringing home a German car, some people have considerable apprehensions in acquiring one. A major factor that contributes to this apprehension is the support that they would get if ever they will have one. They're afraid that the moment their car conks out, they would have to say goodbye to thousands of dollars because they couldn't find a repair shop good enough to fix their car.

For one negative side, there is always a positive side. So many auto shops are now catering to German cars. Some even specialize in servicing and maintaining German cars alone. Of course it also has something to do with the prestige that a fully accredited German auto shop would get.

The parts that are needed to replace old ones are very much available. So you don't have to worry if a cable, a light, a break pad, and other parts of a vehicle get broken because these parts are replaceable and materials that would replace them abound. For those parts that are still covered under the warranty, they would be replaced with new parts.

Automotive repair Atlanta has to offer is highly reliable even for foreign cars. This is a certainty because mechanics undergo rigid training from the car makers themselves, ensuring they give proper diagnosis and troubleshooting.

The numerous cars that need services and maintenance make Atlanta automotive a blooming industry. Also, the reputability of the service rendered is unequivocal, makes it a highly attractive venture in Atlanta.

German auto repair Atlanta shops has highly flourished with the increase in number of persons buying German cars. This is not only attributed to the attention that is given to German cars but also to the unrelenting service that the auto shops render to the car owners.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

8 Tips for Troubleshooting a Commercial Wireless Network

8 Tips for Troubleshooting a Commercial Wireless NetworkWhen a commercial wireless network goes down, the whole company suffers. Many companies rely solely on the Internet to run their businesses, so if no one can connect, work will not be done. In some cases, this can cause the company a large amount of money in a very short amount of time.

The key to troubleshooting a commercial wireless network problem is to know where common problems occur. That way you can check those first and hopefully be able to get the employees back to work quickly. Here are 8 things to check while troubleshooting wireless network connection.

Check the wires and wireless network adapter. Make sure all the wires are plugged in to the router correctly and that the power cord is connected to the power source. The lights of the router should be glowing and the cable/DSL modem should be on. Also check that the wireless network adapter is switched to 'on.' If you have Windows, go to the device manager and check that your wireless network adapted is on. If you have a USB wireless adapter try removing it and replacing it so Windows can re-detect it.

Check the signal strength: There are many things that could cause the signal of your wireless access point to affect the performance of your network. Some appliances can cause interference with your wireless network. For this reason, keep cordless phones, microwaves and other electrical equipment a mile away from the wireless router. Another thing you can do it try changing the channels on the access point, this could help your signal become stronger.

Make sure you have the correct device driver installed. If you don't have the right device driver for your wireless network adapter it can cause all kinds of problems or your adapter may not work at all.

Install a repeater.If all you are looking for is a performance boost, install a repeater. This will receive the signal and boost the range of your network.

Change the position of your access point antenna. This can sometimes improve the performance of your commercial wireless network. Play around with the position and see if you notice a difference. Try to put it in a place where it avoids obstacles and reflective surfaces, like near the ceiling.

Change the antenna of your access point.Changing the actual antenna can increase signal range and performance.

Check Your Network Settings:In order for your PC or laptop to get on the wireless network it needs to be able to connect to an IP address from your wireless connection. If it can't grab the address, you will not connect. First, make sure your Internet connection is up by using this command prompt in Windows (windows key + R then type CMD enter). Then type in ping enter. This is the address for your wireless connection if you have a linksys connection. Once you ping your address, you should expect a reply back from your computer. If you get an error that says "request timed out" or "destination unreachable" that means there's a problem with the communications link.

Double check your WEP/WPA encyption keys.Wireless encryption varies depending on which type of network you are on. If you're on Windows XP, on the Association tab of your wireless network properties, make sure your network key was entered correctly and is the right one for the network you're attempting to connect to.

There is nothing more annoying than setting up a wireless network at work then having to deal with the problem of being unable to connect. Following these tips will make troubleshooting your commercial wireless network problem much easier so you and your employees can get back to work. If your network is down, don't be too quick to blame the equipment or the computer installation tech. Odds are you have a tiny problem that has been overlooked and can be fixed quickly and easily.

Chad King is CEO and President of KingPin Computers, a certified computer repair company based in Cleveland Ohio that specializes in PC and laptop repair including spyware and malware removal, software and hardware installation, data backup and recovery for residential and commercial customers throughout Northeast Ohio.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mechanic College Track

Mechanic College Track Have you always wanted to turn your passion for cars into a fulfilling career in the automotive field. The automotive jobs sector offered about 800,000 jobs in 2008, with the typical salary for each car mechanic being just about $30,000-$55,000 per year. The industry prefers high school graduate students having hands-on experience in the field. As a result, if you prefer a gratifying career in this particular field, sign up for a community college, where you will get the practical knowledge of handling vehicles and identifying high-tech issues.

Education, Training, and Certification

With cars and trucks functioning on complicated integrated auto electronic systems and sophisticated technology nowadays, the job of a car technician has evolved from being merely mechanical to high technology. Automotive service experts are required to use reasoning and ability to identify complicated issues and turn into high-tech problem solvers. You need to complete a proper training curriculum from an auto mechanic institution, in which you will get the necessary classroom knowledge in math, physics, metal work, mechanical drawing, science, computer skills, and automobile maintenance together with training. Therefore, the role of mechanic colleges and schools has grown to be essential in offering auto mechanic programs delivering mechanical training to prepare technicians for a prosperous career.

Numerous high schools provide recognized auto mechanic training programs for their students and award a high school diploma along with a certificate. A number of high schools are affiliated with Automotive Youth Education Systems (AYES), a nonprofit association which brings together high schools, participating car dealers and manufacturers from the automotive industry, to help students get ready for entry-level technician opportunities at a car dealership or repair shop.However, if a mechanical training curriculum wasn't offered at your local or regional high school, sign up for a postsecondary training program at a local community college that offers auto mechanic courses, including mechanic training, and awards an associate degree or certificate. The auto training programs range between six to twelve months, which mostly depend upon how many hours you spend on the program every week. After you graduate from a post-secondary mechanic program, the automotive jobs market opens up to you. Some firms offer in-house training in such programs for entry-level technicians who have not been through the courses in their high school before engaging them in entry-level jobs. Such mechanic apprenticeship and training courses are becoming very popular ever these days. However, if you're still not prepared for a full-time trade school course, you could start working as a trainee mechanic in a workshop in an attempt to learn the essential skills, besides registering for an evening course or online auto mechanic program. You get the ability to learn from experienced technicians.

Being an auto mechanic trainee, it is important to begin your employment by accomplishing routine service and straightforward repairs and troubleshooting problems for several months. Intricate specialties, such as transmission repair and air conditioning, demand at least one to two years of training and experience. Therefore, spending two to five years in a dealership service center or repair shop will give you the adequate experience to become a fully qualified service technician.

Growing Value of ASE Certification It will be better yet if you seek out those community colleges whose programs have been developed specifically to prepare you for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. Though ASE certification is not required for automotive service work, a lot more employers prefer applicants with such certifications, which can be earned in any of the eight aspects of automotive service, which include brake systems, engine repair, and electrical system, among others. Once you have a mechanic certification from the National Institute for ASE, you will possess the upper hand and be given preference in the marketplace. Once you have passed the certification exam and have a minimum of two years of working experience, the ASE certification will truly add value to your resume and enhance your marketability.

Career Opportunity While applying for a job in this field, list all of your current mechanic certifications and highlight your experience. Having an experience with advanced computerized diagnostic systems will tremendously attract potential employers toward you. Seize any automotive job prospect that comes your way, keeping in mind your skills and requirements. Your income depend partly on the type and volume of work done by you. Possessing such specialties as engine repair, electrical systems, suspension and steering, brake systems, and heating and air-conditioning will provide you with the extra benefit of opting for specialist positions, presenting higher perks and greater job satisfaction.

Bottom Line The demand for skilled automobile technicians continues to grow with the increase in the number of cars on the road. Add to this the complicated electrical systems that run vehicles nowadays, the need for professional car mechanics and experienced technicians is projected to grow faster than all other occupations over the next decade.

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How to Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection in 5 Easy Steps

How to Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection in 5 Easy Steps Here's the problem. Your Internet Connection is too slow or pages are not loading. The network icon in you Windows 7 task bar is displaying an unresolved issue or yellow triangle.

Step 1: Clearing the Cache

The first step to resolving any website access issues is to clear the cache and then refresh the page. If you are able to access some sites but other pages do not load, then this step will mostly resolve the problem. If you have admin controls over the computer you are using, then you need to check for any blocked sites. Try using a different IP address if you have one or contact technical support to troubleshoot DNS issues.

Step 2: Check Connection Status Using Ping Command

Make sure that you are connected to the Internet. You can do this by right clicking on the Network icon in the tray to diagnose connection settings as well. Or just ping any website address and see if there is a response. If you are getting a response, then proceed to Step 3 of troubleshooting Internet issues. If there is a yellow triangle in the local area connection that you have been using, then contact your network administrator to have the issues resolved.

Step 3: Try Reconnecting to the Internet

Disable and re-enable you wireless connection to see if you are being able to send and receive packets over the Internet. For advanced troubleshooting, use the Windows network troubleshooter to reset the network adapter. This will clear the DNS cache and re-enable the adapter. If this does not work, contact technical support or you Internet service provider for further information.

Step 4: Web Pages Not Loading

There are some free online tools for checking the status of your connection if certain websites are not loading, stop responding, or are getting timed out. Check "" to see if the website is down or Google for similar results. If you are being able to connect with your LAN but your wireless connection keeps dropping off the grid, then proceed to the next step for troubleshooting the network connection.

Step 5: Troubleshooting the Router

A weak signal on your wireless connection can be the reason for slow speed or a frequently dropping network. Try to get some guidance on router troubleshooting from an online tech support service. You can also reset the router to clear the cache. Get firmware updates for your router or see if you can place it somewhere so it yields better. This might even be a known issue with your model of router so try searching online forums for patches in the firmware. Apply Windows updates and service packs for general troubleshooting of related issues.
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