Monday, October 10, 2011

Wii Troubleshooting Is Important If You Want to Get the Max Pleasure Out of Your Wii Experience

The importance of Wii troubleshooting cannot be understated. Just imagine this... You excitedly go to a video store and even more excitedly, you hire the latest Nintendo Wii games. Then you just rush home in anticipation of all the fun you are going to have in the next few hours with your games. You put the game into the Wii and then your whole world shatters. You get an error and you do not know what to do about it.

Your day or night has just turned black What do you do when you encounter such Wii problems? What do you do when it comes to Wii repair? It is no joke at all when you are so excited and desperately itching to play the games and you encounter such an unexpected issue. But, the sad truth is that you are not the only one to be confronted with such an issue. There are many other Wii owners that face the very same problem that you are facing.

Wii console troubleshooting can be frustrating

There is no doubt at all that this can be very irritating, but this kind of issue is not limited just to the Nintendo Wii - maybe you will derive a bit of solace from that fact. So, when you have a Wii system and you come up with some kind of an error code, what can be done to get it fixed so that you can get back to your fun?

What's in a number?

These numbers are indications of errors that you get. But how do you know what number represents what? There could be different kinds of error codes that you get for issues like: Wii troubleshooting no power, Wii troubleshooting unable to read disc, Wii controller troubleshooting, Wii troubleshooting remote - but the point is how do you figure out what the error code represents?

Here are a few error codes for you to know how to trouble shoot the system:

Code 32002:Indicates that there is a problem with your Wii internet setting.
Code 32003:The Wii internal memory does not have sufficient space for installation of recent updates to be carried out.
Code 32004:Indication that you will have to wait for a few hours as there is a high traffic volume being experienced by the Nintendo servers.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Having Problems With Your Computer? Troubleshoot It!

If only man was that great to develop something so divine as a flawless, faulty-less computer! Impossible! The truth is, we all have to go through issues facing our personal computers, and how irritating it can be! Nothing is more frustrating than having a faulty computer or devices that may seem to have a life of its own and not follow the commands of its owner. Many of these instances call upon us the owners to try to find out what the problem is, as to resolve it before it reaches a point where it will cost us!

That is where the concept, Computer Troubleshoot comes in! It involves a process of elimination where the problem with the computer or its devices (including peripheral) is sourced and then resolved (if it is even that simple)! Usually when one goes through this process of elimination, a major factor has to be established in order to begin. It is figuring out whether the problem with the computer is because of a malfunctioning hardware or outdated and/or corrupted software. Hence, troubleshooting can be broadly divided into two aspects, that of the hardware and software components. Now this all might be a tedious process and does require some patience and persistence!

Some common issues people face which can be solved when you computer troubleshoot include, hard drive clutter, when the computer runs extremely slow as well as when the mouse, keyboard or other hardware devices fail to work. Did you know that the simple Control, Alt and Delete action is also a troubleshooting strategy that determines which one of the frozen/slow programs on your PC is not responding? A simple action we undermine its power almost daily!

Take for instance, that you are trying to communicate with your friends via your Windows Live Messenger in a voice conversation but they are unable to hear you.

Your troubleshooting instincts would kick in instantaneously where you would either think it is the Windows application itself that is at fault or your microphones. So you would restart the program and if the problem still exists, then through the next step in your process of elimination, you would try to obtain if it is indeed your microphones at fault. Some common troubleshoot procedures may include checking to see if the microphone is connected properly in the microphone jack at the back of the computer ( if it is not within the system), checking to see if the sound drivers were set up properly in the operating system as well as checking to see if the battery-ran microphone has battery life. Perhaps with no success after all these checks, then a computer consultant can be called in to assess the situation ($$)!

Also consider the situation, with an issue with the computer software, where your computer programs refuse to open or are running too slowly, you experience unexplained crashes and error messages and the Control, ALT and Delete initiative fail to work. Then it can be one of many things; RAM usage needs to be minimized by closing those programs not in use, the PC needs to be shut down and restarted, the PC needs to be rebooted or systems scans need to be run to eradicate viruses, malware and other forms of malicious software. Again if these initiatives prove unsuccessful, then perhaps it's time to ask the computer specialist to do his own troubleshoots for a special fee! But otherwise, before you jump the gun to pay a fee, computer troubleshoot! Its free and simple as ABC!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Macintosh Troubleshooting - How to Reset PRAM

Macintosh troubleshooting is something that many people who want a new computer think about. Unless you are a Mac fanatic the thought of getting repairs done and even getting some Macintosh troubleshooting help can be something that you should consider when purchasing a new computer.

In this article I am going to teach you a bit about the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Mac and hopefully offer some Macintosh troubleshooting advice that might sway your decision in the Mac direction.

Macintosh Troubleshooting and Mac Advantages

I like to think of telling people the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Mac as a form of Macintosh troubleshooting. I mean...if you really think about it helping someone decide to go Mac is a form of troubleshooting.

#1 - Microsoft Products - Most people who consider buying a Mac for the first time are concerned about compatibility with Windows computers.

Mac computers can run almost every important Microsoft product so there will be no compatibility problems with your Windows friends. Microsoft office runs very well on a Mac so productivity won't be affected.

#2 - Convenience - Macs are built with the end user in mind. I find that when introduced to a computer for the first time most people do better with a Mac than a Windows machine.

If my Dad can enter the computer world and love a Mac...anyone can.

#3 - Compatibility - Macs are plug and play, giving them the ability to almost instantly connect to and recognize devices such as printers, external hard drives, cameras, and more.

#4 - Wi-Fi Ready - Every Mac gives you the ability to select a wireless network and join right away, there is not fiddling with the settings and tweaking involved like you would find on a PC.

#5 - Solid Foundation - The Mac operating system is built on UNIX, which seems to be more inherently stable than other systems.

#6 - Safety - Since Mac users are a smaller percentage of the computer using public most hackers find it all but useless to design viruses and malware for the system

Few businesses exclusively use Macs so there is little possibility of financial gain in it for those less than honest people in the world.

Macintosh Troubleshooting, the Disadvantages

#1 - Repairs - Since Mac users are such a small part of the computer pie it can sometimes be hard to find a qualified technician.

#2 - Macintosh Troubleshooting - Once again due to the smaller percentage of users there are fewer resources that the Mac user can turn to in times of trouble, though there are some very good forums for the Mac user they are fewer in number than PC forums.

Macintosh Troubleshooting -Resetting PRAM

If you are encountering random shutdowns, blackouts with no response, failed starts, or connectivity problems the culprit could be the Parameter Random Access Memory or PRAM.

To reset PRAM follow these steps.

1.) Shut down the computer

2.) Find the following keys on the keyboard: Command, Option P, and R.

3.) Turn the computer back on

4.) Hold down all 3 key mentioned above until you hear the start up sound twice.

5.) Release the keys

If you still experience the same problems its time to find a service technician

Macs have pros and cons but I feel that the pros significantly outweigh the cons and that you should consider the Mac when you need a new computer. Resetting PRAM can help fix quite a few problems but if this Macintosh troubleshooting solution does not work take your computer to a qualified technician.
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