Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Troubleshooting Water Well Pump

Troubleshooting Water Well PumpDo you have water well? If you do have water well you might experience troubleshooting with your pump. It plays important role in lifting the water so you can use the water for any purpose. If you use water form your well everyday, troubleshooting might ruin your day because you cannot get water for your everyday need.

The causes of troubleshooting can be tripped overload, trouble, and many more. If you know how to resolve the problem, it would be better because you do not need to contact service provider anymore. For starting trouble, you can check the circuit breaker and also fuse. Find out if they are working properly or not. If the circuit breaker is tripped, you should flip the switch. You have to call service provider if the part that does not function is the well pump motor.

Problem might come up if the impeller is not aligned with motor. You have to align the motor and check the amperage for this case. If you have damaged wiring, it can be the cause of non-working motor. Check the terminal connection if there is any connection error. You might have to replace the wiring on the terminal connection to resolve the problem.

If the motor does not stop running, the problem can be caused by several things. Bad adjustment of the pressure can be considered as the common issue that causes motor to working continuously. You need to clean the switch if the measure does not work correctly.

The other cause of trouble shooting can be the submersible pumps. It usually occurs when the intake screen is plugged. You have to pull out the pump in order to know what is wrong with the intake screen. Clean it to solve the problem.

If there is tripped overload, you need to check the control box. If there is incorrect transfer on the terminals, you have to replace the box. Overheating of the control box can cause tripped overload. You should install the box properly to prevent this possibility. Tripped overload can also rise if the wire is not properly attached to the well pump. You have to do correct wiring if you do not want this problem arise again. The other way to prevent tripped overload is by placing the motor in the place where there is no ventilation.

To know whether your pump is worn out or not, you need to check if there is any leak or if the level of your well water is too low. By taking out the pump you will be able to check if it is worn out or not. If you want to know if there is any leak, you can inspect the pipes. You need to look for replacement if it is really worn out.

Monday, March 12, 2012

WordPress Crash - Troubleshooting Incompatibility Issues

WordPress Crash - Troubleshooting Incompatibility IssuesWordPress crashes happen very rarely but when they do, they can cause a great deal of stress. Fortunately, they are most often very easily fixed without any loss of content.

It has been my experience that 99% of the time any issues with WordPress is plugin related. A site may work fine for a while, then an update in either the WordPress program or a plugin will cause an incompatibility issue causing the database to fail. Troubleshooting a WordPress crash is very easy and you can be back up and running in a few minutes. The first, and most obvious place to start is to look at any recent changes you may have made, an update or a new plugin installation. Sometimes though, it is not so obvious.

Steps to troubleshooting a WordPress crash:
Since you most likely will not be able to access the dashboard of your WordPress installation, you must have access to your files either through an FTP client or from the File Manager in your web hosting cPanel. Navigate to the wp-content folder in your file manager or ftp.
Open that folder and inside you will see a plugins folder.
Rename the plugins folder plugins.bak
Create a new folder (directory) and call it plugins.
Check your website. If the website now loads, you have verified that it is indeed a plugin compatibility issue.
If you are running an older version of WordPress, now is a good time to upgrade to the latest, most stable version.
Once the latest version is installed, you can begin to troubleshoot to find out which of your plugins is causing the incompatibility issue.
Reinstall your plugins one at a time. After each installation, test your site to make sure it is still working properly. Update each plugin to the newest version if there has been an upgrade made available.
If at any time during this process your WordPress crashes again, you know you have found the culprit. Simply access your cPanel or FTP again and delete the plugin.
You will need to either download a newer version of that plugin directly from the developer source or wait for an update to become available for it before you can install that plugin again.

Most plugin developers work tirelessly to keep their plugins up-to-date with the latest versions of WordPress, but occasionally an update is a little slow in coming or the WordPress update is a major one that has changed the core functions of the program and the developers have not been able to keep up.

Steps to take when the WordPress crash is not plugin related:

If you have tried the above and the troubleshooting has not been a plugin issue, there are two other areas you can try.
Go into your cPanel and into the MySQL panel that will bring up the list of databases installed on your account. Click on the restore/repair database. If the crash was due to damage to your database, this should correct the problem.
You should have a database backup on file. (install a plugin to take care of this on a regular basis if you haven't already) You can do a database restore from your backup file. If you have not been in the habit of backing up your sites, and you do not have any backup files, I am sorry to say that you may have lost your website. You will need to contact support to see if they have any recent backups or if they can offer any support.
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