Monday, February 15, 2016

4 Sites To Help You With Troubleshooting Car Problems

If you’ve ever attempted to research a car problem using the Internet, then you already know that finding free information or tutorials is nearly impossible. The large majority of websites that market themselves as auto repair sites are nothing more than thinly cloaked sales sites for auto parts, ebooks and manuals or a question & answer service that will charge you a fee to receive an answer.
While they may be few and far between, there are actually some websites out there that offer truly free information that can help you with troubleshooting car problems that you may be having.
Reading a manual or tutorial on the Internet may not bring you up to speed on how to break out the ratchet set and start changing your own spark plugs if you’ve never even laid your hands on the oil dipstick. However, free informational portals and tutorials can train you on how to understand how your car operates and how to troubleshoot the more common problems that many people have, with the sort of repair solutions anyone can accomplish themselves. Many times, if you take your vehicle in for repair at a local auto repair shop, they’ll find a way to stick you with a ridiculous repair bill that you didn’t really need.
If you’d like to have a few truly free resources for troubleshooting your own minor car problems, then please review the following list and consider adding them all to your bookmarks under “auto repair.” The next time your engine doesn’t start, don’t immediately call the repair shop. Work through the step-by-step guides on these sites and you may surprise yourself when you’re able to figure out how to get the car started on your own.

Site #1 For Troubleshooting Car Problems – HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks, the site that Aibek reviewed in 2006, has evolved significantly and is leaps and bounds ahead of any other site when it comes to learning about your car’s various systems starting from the ground up. It obviously isn’t the equivalent of going to mechanics school, but the sheer volume of information available at HowStuffWorks is enough to teach you the basics of how your car engine works as well as all of the parts and systems of your car.
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