Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Golf Swing Troubleshooting

Golf Swing TroubleshootingEvery golfer player knows that in order to lower their scores they need to learn about golf strategy as well as tips on how to help with golf swing. Below we provide you with some golf swing troubleshooting tips which should help to ensure that you get the most out of your swing every time you play.

Golf Swing Troubleshooting

When it comes to aiming at a target a golfer can cause themselves to miss aim in a couple of ways. The first is because they place their body in such a position that it is this which is aimed at the target. What you should be doing in order to aim correctly at the target is to have your club sitting at right angles to the target which you align your body parallel left to it. It will take quite a bit of practice on your part in order to get you to align your body and club correctly when you actually play a game of golf on a course. The best place to practice this position is at the driving range where you can pick a target that you wish to aim at. Then you get another one of your clubs a few feet in front of you in line with the target. Then take another club and place this parallel to the first but in line with your toes so that it shows how your body is aligned. Then you just start to need hitting a few balls and after a while you will find that you are easily able to train both your body and eyes to accept the way in which you are aligning your body now.

If you are looking to get more distance and less loft out of your shot you need to spend time evaluating how you actually move through the swing to the stage where you hit the golf ball. If you find that your swing is quite steep it may be advisable to come lower the loft and if you are someone who finds that they have a much shallower steep swing then it may be worth your while actually raising your loft higher. By raising your loft you will be able to provide maximum low spin but it will launch the ball much higher when it is in flight. It is best that your launch angle should sit somewhere between 13 and 14 degrees at all time.

When it comes to using different golf swing troubleshooting tips it is important that you always relate the position of the ball to your upper body. A lot of golfers today will use their feet as a way of judging a balls position and this will in most cases actually give the illusion that it is in the correct position when it isn't.
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